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Designing, financing, constructing and operating with our clients

Building the projects of the future

Designing, financing, building and operating with its clients: this is the end-to-end service offered by FAYAT BÂTIMENT in addition to standard building projects. The company is well-placed on partnership agreements and design & construction projects. A multi-disciplinary team allows it to:

manage all the legal and financial setups of different types of PPPs: AEL (Administrative Emphyteutic Lease), HEL (Hospital Emphyteutic Lease), PA (Partnership Agreement), and PSC (Public Service Concession);

- handle architectural and technical design;

- coordinate and oversee construction work, site operations and expertise.

Its teams manage projects from land acquisition to sale, also including scheduling, design, and construction.

In parallel, the FAYAT BÂTIMENT Division created a subsidiary, FAYAT PROMOTION, which develops turnkey real-estate projects for both public and private investor and/or user clients and selects Division and FAYAT Group building firms to bring them to fruition.

25% of our sales in BIM


FAYAT BÂTIMENT innovation policy focuses on the expectations of its markets and the optimisation of the solutions proposed to its clients, including both design methods and construction techniques. The digital modelling technique known as BIM (Building Information Modelling) plays a major role in the transition to more industrial construction methods. Its 3D modelling tools facilitate collaborative work between contributors (architect, design office, general contractor, sub-contractors) at all stages of design and construction. FAYAT BÂTIMENT employs it on a growing number of projects.

Sustainable construction

To support a successful energy transition, we employ our research and development resources to guarantee the energy performance of our projects.

From project design to delivery, FAYAT BÂTIMENT helps its clients to successfully apply for certificates such as NF HQE®, BREEAM®, LEED®, as well as energy seals of approval such as BBCA, BEPOS effinergie, etc.

For a number of years already, FAYAT BÂTIMENT has placed sustainable development at the heart of its strategy. Staff recruitment and training, site management and organisation, changing construction processes, and the setup of a high-level in-house technical skills centre, etc., all enable FAYAT BÂTIMENT to guarantee the performance of its constructions and limit cost overruns and risks by managing its sites as a responsible contractor.