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Our policy and the measures taken to implement it are continuously monitored using indicators and our internal and external audit system.


  • Key areas
    - Promoting diversity and combating discrimination
    - Limiting the environmental impact of our activities
    - Preserving the safety and well-being of our staff
    - Developing a responsible partnership with our key suppliers, sub-contractors and temping agencies

    With the aim of anticipating new technical, environmental and energy regulations, FAYAT BÂTIMENT relies on teams trained in these specialist fields capable of guaranteeing compliance with the full range of sustainable construction standards. In parallel, the company provides innovative and alternative solutions in terms of construction processes, energy systems, and information and communication technologies.
  • Our commitments
    - Compliance with health, safety and labour law
    - Protecting stakeholders’ interests
    - A sustainable purchasing policy for environmentally-friendly construction sites, based on a circular economy approach
    - Comprehensive project costing

    FAYAT Building aims to be an effective and responsible company for both its clients and the society in which it operates. Our commitments cover both the structures that we build and deliver, construction work, and the day-to-day running of our company. They are backed up with our Quality, Safety, and Environment risk prevention and continuous improvement approach, which is certified ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

An entrepreneurial approach

Through its agencies and subsidiaries, the FAYAT BÂTIMENT Division constantly strives to find a balance between economic efficiency, social progress, and environmental protection.


The values of FAYAT BÂTIMENT  Independence, Commitment and Daring are supported by its CSR policy, which covers 6 key areas. The first, Our Ethics, contributes to guaranteeing integrity, impartiality and honesty in the execution of all our actions towards all stakeholders. The framework for its implementation is set out in the common Code of Ethics, applicable to all the Divisions staff.

Diversity and equal access to employment

The FAYAT BÂTIMENT Division considers diversity a factor in collective enrichment and economic efficiency. Working in a sector not traditionally seen as female-friendly, the Divisions companies also endeavour to ensure gender equality.

To do so, every year the teams encourage and organise actions promoting access by women to positions most often occupied by male staff. They also endeavour to maintain work-life balance, and guarantee equal pay for men and women.

The equal access to employment index scores recorded by the Divisions companies that were assessed will be published within the legal deadlines. For 2021, the index was 75 points out of 100 for FAYAT BÂTIMENT (indicator 1 : 29 points indicator 2 : 20 points indicator 3 : 15 points indicator 4 : incalculable indicator 5 : 0 point). We are determined to improve this score by focusing our actions, in certain segments, particularly on access by women to the highest levels of responsibility.


Dans ce cadre-là, les objectifs de progression suivants ont été fixés :

  • Indicateur 1 : augmenter la note dau moins 10 % dici 4 ans
  • Indicateur 5 : obtenir la note de 5/10 dici 4 ans

For the other companies in the division concerned, since some indicators cannot be calculated, the index for 2021 is not measurable.