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Keeping our commitments, assuming our responsibilities and managing our projects pragmatically form the basis of our entrepreneurial culture


structures that contribute to improving living environments. With independent agencies and subsidiaries, the basis for FAYAT Group's success, the organisation put in place within FAYATs BÂTIMENT Division allows the regional teams to be agile, flexible and close to their customers.

Ellipse sept 2023
Ellipse sept 2023


Combining all CARIs and FAYAT BÂTIMENT's regional branches as well as the subsidiaries SEG-FAYAT, NORD FRANCE CONSTRUCTIONS, BEC CONSTRUCTION Champagne, BEC CONTRUCTION Languedoc-Roussillon, BEC CONSTRUCTION Provence, ROUX CABRERO, BP CONSTRUCTION, CONSTRUCTION & PATRIMOINE, CAROTTAGE & SCIAGE, FBEI, FB3M, SMTL, SN CASANOVA, BARDON PROMOTION, ESPACE ENGINEERING and FAYAT PROMOTION, FAYAT BÂTIMENT has 1,700 staff and generates 750m in nationwide sales, confirming the FAYAT Groups position as a leader in the French building industry.

Film Institutionnel de la Division Fayat Bâtiment


million in sales




branches and subsidiaries
Fayat Bâtiment Ile-de-France

An expert division

The construction firms that make up FAYAT BÂTIMENT use their general contracting experience to produce with the best price, the best lead times and optimal quality. With their design and build skills, they can also validate project managers decisions and develop sustainable projects with their partners.

With our expertise, we work on extremely varied projects in both the public and private sectors: health, education, housing, tertiary, trade and industry, culture, sport and recreation, town planning, car parks, etc.

FAYAT BÂTIMENT carries out all the carcassing and civil engineering works, as well as all the general contracting operations and is also the unique contact. With its Major Projects unit, FAYAT BÂTIMENT also works on complex projects and PPPs, which are overseen by the FAYAT Group.
Hôpital de Melun - NFC

A division with values

FAYAT BÂTIMENT is loyal to its values and works to develop projects in the long term, protect the environment, and innovate based on its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. FAYAT BÂTIMENT was also built on the FAYAT Groups 3 key values: autonomy, commitment and audacity. These fundamentals are backed up by the Divisions Code of Ethics, with which all its staff must comply.
"I respect values that are more important than ever for me: the independence, commitment and daring of the men and women working for our companies."
Clément Fayat, Founder