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Faced with the emergence of new energy renovation and comprehensive energy performance markets, FAYAT BUILDING officially created its Maintenance subsidiary: FAYAT BUILDING Maintenance, Multi-technique & Multi-services (FB3M) in 2016.
For a decade and more, the FAYAT BUILDING division’s branches and subsidiaries have been positioned on a range of performance markets: Partnership Agreements, Design & Construction, Operation, and Maintenance.

This approach is made possible by the support provided by the FAYAT BUILDING maintenance unit’s design, construction management and operations supervision experts.

FB3M supports its local partners and their brands, to guarantee the division’s independence, agility, technical and architectural design expertise, and the competitiveness of our maintenance offer (P2 and GER), and service continuity during transitions: Design / Construction / Operation

As a construction firm, we provide real added value for both building operators and asset managers.

Our FBEI Design engineers work with us on the Technical and Energy aspects to guarantee the overall cost of our projects.

This allows FB3M to position itself as either project manager or partner for major maintenance firms.
  • constructeur
    The Argonne Hospital Emphyteutic Lease, Sainte Menehould,
  • Offices in Saint Etienne
    The Saint Raphaël Multiplex Partnership Agreement,
  • innovation
    The Saint Germain Nursing Home Comprehensive Energy Performance Project,
  • Chantier
    The Lille University “Plan Campus” Partnership Agreement,
  • Dynamique d'innovation
    The Grenoble University Human & Social Sciences Department Partnership Agreement,
  • Innovation Fayat Batiment
    The Valenciennes Swimming Pool Design, Construction, Operation & Maintenance Agreement