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Guaranteeing the best project

C'est une équipe pluridisciplinaire d’une trentaine d’ingénieurs spécialisés dans tous les métiers de l’entreprise générale du bâtiment. Elle permet de maîtriser l’ensemble des savoir-faire liés à la réalisation d’ouvrages complexes en phases études, exécution, maintenance et exploitation.

dedicated team


The technical department is home to approximately 30 specialist engineers and allows us to specialise in all the skills involved in the construction of complex structures during the design, construction, maintenance and operating phases.

Dedicated and specific business line skills that enable us to:

- provide advice on technical choices at the design phase and approve each of its stages;
- anticipate new technical, environmental and energy regulations;
- possess expertise regarding the different sustainable construction standards and guarantee that approval and certification applications are successful: THPE, BBC Effinergie, BEPOS and HQE®, BREEAM®, LEED®, etc.;
- provide innovative and alternative solutions in terms of construction processes, energy systems, information and communication technologies, etc.;
- coordinate and oversee construction work, site upkeep and maintenance, and technical expertise;
- manage operational risks by using appropriate business tools: summary, scheduling, management, & coordination, technical audit, etc.;
- guarantee the best project at the best cost.


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