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Today, FAYAT BÂTIMENT has more than 1,700 staff who contribute to the development of its business lines, in major business segments. Check out a selection of our most common positions at FAYAT BÂTIMENT.



The construction foreman supervises construction projects and continuously monitors the quality of the construction work, the meeting of lead times, and helps avoid overrunning of the initially-agreed budget. He oversees site setup, identifies technical solutions, deals with suppliers, and introduces place health and safety measures.


The site manager works in the field: his day-to-day work is to organise the site. He ensures construction quality and meeting of lead times, as well as guaranteeing the safety of teams.


Either on its own or in working with the team he manages, the pricing project manager is responsible for estimating the costs of the future construction work for bids or invitations to tender. With his technical knowledge, his rigour and his negotiating skills, he identifies the best solutions, both technical and financial, to submit to the client.


Depending on the size or complexity of the project, the construction manager handles one or several projects from A to Z.
He is a genuine conductor and supervises the construction team, manages all the stakeholders, and ensures compliance with the client’s key success factors such as costs, lead times and quality.
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Découvrez le métier de conducteur de travaux


En quoi consiste le métier de conducteur de travaux ?

Le conducteur de travaux est un véritable chef d'orchestre dans une entreprise générale du bâtiment. Il encadre l'avancement des travaux et il est aussi le garant du bon déroulement de son chantier.

 Envie d'en savoir plus sur son rôle et ses missions au sein de FAYAT BÂTIMENT ? 

Découvrez le quotidien et les parcours professionnels de Christophe M. et Dorian D., Conducteurs de travaux chez FAYAT BÂTIMENT Île-de-France à Issy-les-Moulineaux (92) et FAYAT BÂTIMENT Côte d'Azur à Nice (06).

Découvrez nos offres d'emploi conducteur de travaux mais également nos autres offres comme nos offres d'emploi coffreur bancheur.


Christophe M.

As a graduate of ESTP engineering school, majoring in Building, I began working for the branch as a works foreman. My responsibilities grew rapidly and I became Senior Works Foreman then Account Manager. As Account Manager, you’re responsible for either several smaller or one large-scale project. It’s a fascinating and hands-on job with plenty of human interaction. We develop our skills all the time in this job, learning a lot on a wide range of projects. By moving to one of the FAYAT BÂTIMENT Division branches, I joined a dynamic branch on a human scale and I’m lucky to work with enthusiastic colleagues.

I’m currently heading up a 363-apartment project, complete with 8 buildings and a 600-space overground car park. My role is to manage a team including a Senior Works Foreman, 5 Works Engineers, and several trainees. I’m also responsible for making sure the project’s deadlines and quality standards are met, and financial results are on-point. This means scheduling and organising work on site and managing the different stakeholders. I also have a leadership role, which sees me assist and motivate the teams.