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Building your future together: integration, training, mobility



  • Your first steps

Your integration into an entity is overseen by the line manager who introduces you to the team, the company’s objectives, the project being managed, and your working environment. A key contact, or coach, can be named. He will above all help you to get to know the people you’ll be working with quickly.


  • Integration seminar

An integration day is held on the Group’s Bordeaux site to immerse you in FAYAT BÂTIMENT's DNA. The event features workshops, conferences, and local tasting sessions, and will above all offer you the opportunity to meet other new staff and talk directly with the FAYAT BÂTIMENT Executive Committee.


For FAYAT BÂTIMENT, investment in training is a key development objective. Our aims: guaranteeing the health and safety of our teams, and maintaining their skill levels, but also developing their potential and meeting our clients’ needs. To do so, FAYAT BÂTIMENT sets up its own training organisation, which has been recognised and accredited since 2006, specialised in 2 fields:

  • Occupational health and safety

Our aim is to develop a health & safety culture among our permanent and temporary staff and lastingly improve practice.

  • Excellence programmes focused on our future stars

FAYAT BÂTIMENT developed custom training programmes to meet its strategic objectives: the CAP Major Projects programme is an example of this. 30% of our sales are generated on major projects. To meet our own standards and satisfy our clients, high-potential Project Managers are identified to take part in this excellence programme. The aim is to develop a genuine company manager and leader mindset through a process particularly including:
- talks by very high-level experts;
- meetings with the Chairman, executives and company Managers to get to know the Group better;
- testimonials, advice from Major Project Managers plus feedback;
- follow-up and close relations with Management;
- conviviality and team-building activities.

“CAP Grands Projets” is a business plan developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.”
Eric FERRARI, Chairman


  • Geographical Mobility

Operating across more than 80% of France, we offer our employees who so wish the opportunity to change regions to realise their professional or personal projects.

  • Professional mobility

FAYAT BÂTIMENT proposes more than 100 different jobs, from construction to design, as well as real-estate project setup, etc.