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Independence, Commitment & Daring

Our Human Resources policy reflects FAYAT Building's overall strategy and its core values: independence, commitment & daring



The FAYAT Building Division is part of a family-owned group, which is not listed on the stock exchange, and has successfully positioned itself as a leading constructor via its audacity and performance. It features 25 agencies & subsidiaries across France, which are agile and human-sized business units.
This organisation allows us to empower our teams, maintain close relationships, accelerate decision-making, and be able to demonstrate our skills on a wide range of projects.
Collaborateurs batiment


Our staff are central to our concerns, from the recruitment phase. We pay special attention to candidates with a clear, demanding and daring entrepreneurial spirit. In the construction business segment, a company’s added value is mainly measured in terms of its teams’ expertise and commitment. This makes it essential to be able to trust each other and pull in the same direction.
Equipe melun


The aims of our Human Resources policy are meaningful because practical measures are taken to realise them:
o Welcoming and assisting new employees,
o Promoting close relationships and exchanges,
o Empowering our staff,
o Training and developing staff potential,
o Maintaining short lines of authority,
o Supporting functional or geographical mobility.