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Fayat Immobilier

FAYAT Immobilier is positioned as an end-to-end operator at the top of the value creation chain on real-estate development, planning and assistance-to-owner projects, as well as partnership agreements.

As a key partner of local authorities for many years, FAYAT Immobilier also provides solutions to the demands and needs of public and private investors and businesses, and helps them to successfully develop their projects
Logo Darras & Jouanin

Darras & Jouanin

DARRAS & JOUANIN is a building and public works company that was created in 1914 and operates in the Île-de-France region.
The public works business line covers projects to build and repair manhole-accessible sewer, mains water, district heating and/or air-conditioning systems.
They also build secondary system civil engineering structures, either above- or underground.
The building business line covers purchase order contracts or general contracting framework agreements for major government clients.

Urbaine de Travaux

URBAINE DE TRAVAUX has been specialised in public works, building and services since 1967.

Its civil engineering, engineering structures, underground, sewerage and systems skills enable it to work on both purchase orders contracts and major projects.

Its renowned building construction and renovation skills allow it to operate as a general contractor or designer-builder on all types of public and private functional construction projects.